Diamonds of Furniture 2015

The Summer collection received the title of ‘Diamonds of Furniture 2015’ in the Living Room category. The award confirms the excellent design, uniqueness of the furniture, superb image of the manufacturer and excellent opinion of customers and experts.

Ranking of the ‘Czas na Wnętrze’ magazine’s readers

The Linate nightstand received the Grand Prix Gold Medal in the Ranking of the ‘Czas na Wnętrze’ Magazine’s Readers. The award is given by readers who assess the attributes of various pieces of furniture throughout the year. The nightstand was also awarded in the following categories: Design, Material, Functionality and Value for Money.

Reliable for the Business

It is granted as part of the Reliable programme, which is aimed at creating and strengthening reliable activities within four areas: entrepreneurship, local government, institutions and health protection. Laureates of the project are companies and institutions which, in their daily activities, prove that they are trustworthy entities.

The award of Pillars of the Polish Economy

In the contest, awards were given to companies whose activity contributes significantly to the growth of employment and entrepreneurship development in a given area. Pillars of the Polish Economy are organized by Puls Biznesu magazine in cooperation with ARC Rynek i Opinia research company. The winners of the award were selected by representatives of local government in the given region.

The best product of 2014

The Lario collection obtained an award in the competition “The best product of 2014” in the category of Living Room. The jury grants awards to products characterized by modern design, quality of production and functional value. The competition is organized by the Meble Plus magazine.

2014 Diamond of Furniture Making

The Lario collection received the ‘2014 Diamond of Furniture Making’ title in the Living Room category. The award confirms the excellent design and originality or furniture produced, and is an indication of the manufacturer’s great image and perception among customers and experts.

Product recommended for the 2013 Good Design competition

The Linate and Fan Faro programmes were among the products nominated by the Institute of Industrial Design for the ‘2013 Good Design’ title. The institute evaluates products from the following areas: home, work environment, public space, services, new technologies, graphics design, packaging and new materials.

2nd place in the Casegoods Manufacturers’ Ranking

It’s one of the most objective competitions in the furniture industry. Using a 10-point scale, furniture store representatives evaluate individual suppliers, taking into consideration factors such as the quality of business relations, quality of the warranty and post-warranty service and the turnover achieved by the given store in relations with the given manufacturer.

The Golden Seven of the Furniture Industry

These are companies recommended by the TVEXPO website for innovation and the highest quality. For distinction in the living room collections category for the entire furniture range which combines high quality, original design and an affordable price.

Gold MTP Medal at the 2103 MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair

The Linate and Madras collections were awarded the GOLD MTP Medal. This award is given to products that meet the highest quality, modernity and innovation criteria, and are manufactured using superior technology. The assessment is carried out by the Competition Jury consisting of distinguished specialists in the furniture industry.

‘2013 Product of the Year’ by Meble Plus

The Meble Plus magazine gives awards and distinctions to products that stand out due to their modern design, quality of craftsmanship and use value. ‘Porto’ system received a distinction in the dining room category.

‘2013 Good Design’ by Dobrze Mieszkaj

An award in the Good Design competition in the ‘Living Room’ category. Linate was recognised as a unique line that boldly combined colours (white with Truffle features), and used practical and modern solutions, e.g. soft-close drawer runners and ergonomic handle-free solutions. The competition jury, which was composed of 100 architects and interior designers, awarded 44 products in 10 categories. The competition is an initiative that aims to select the most interesting interior design products

Case Goods Manufacturers’ Ranking – 3rd place

This is the most independent ranking in the furniture industry – mainly due to the evaluation criteria and the jury, which is made up of furniture store representatives. They assess individual suppliers in a 10-point scale, taking into account such criteria as furniture quality, customer service, after-sales service and cooperation.

‘Forbes Diamond 2012’

The award is given to companies that are the quickest to increase the value of their turnover. The company was awarded in the medium-sized company category. The competition takes into account factors such as profitability, ongoing liquidity and financial performance, and the value of equity capital in the period from 2008 to 2010.

‘Diamonds of Furniture 2012’

The sixth edition of the competition showed the best products on the Polish market in a dozen or so categories. The ‘Diamonds of Furniture’ award confirms the excellent design and uniqueness of the furniture, accessories, semi-finished furniture and furniture components they manufacture. It also indicates the superb image of the manufacturer and the excellent perception by customers and experts.

‘Product of the Year 2012’ by Meble Plus

The Meble Plus magazine gives awards and distinctions to products which stand out due to their modern design, quality of craftsmanship and use value. ‘Cova’ system received a distinction in the lounge room category. The collection features a flat, solid framework which, according to the Meble Plus magazine, perfectly suits the rounded fronts and elegant ash decor.

Honorary distinction for Merits for the Warmian-Masurian voivodship

On 27 September 2011, CEO was honoured with a distinction. The honorary distinction is a unique distinction awarded for outstanding contribution to the development of the Warmian-Masurian voivodship that goes beyond basic professional duties, and for achievements bringing tangible benefits to the residents of the Warmia and Masuria region.

‘Leader of Entrepreneurship’ award

The ‘Employer – manager – person’ Leader of Entrepreneurship title is awarded in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship to companies that did not succumb to the crisis and did not reduce employment. It was given to enterprises that are key to the development and growth of the local economy, and provide an important workplace for the people of the region.

‘Best Marketing Idea’ award

‘Best Marketing Idea’ during the International Furniture Fair in Ostróda. The award was given for the effectiveness and consistency of marketing tools and for the rapid development of a strong distribution network. It only took three years for the brand to gain loyal fans of its design.

‘Good Company 2011’ by the Rzeczpospolita magazine

For the second year in a row found itself in a group of 20 companies awarded the ‘Good Company’ title by the editors of Rzeczpospolita. The competition identifies the fastest-developing companies, and also those that adapt their activities to the needs of the market. In 2011 was the only enterprise in the furniture industry to receive this title.

‘Business Gazelle 2010’

Received the ‘Business Gazelle’ title in the ranking organised by the ‘Puls Biznesu’ magazine. The ranking aims to identify the most dynamically-growing small and medium enterprises.

‘Good Company 2010’ by the Rzeczpospolita magazine

Received the prestigious ‘Good Company’ title, which is awarded each year by the Rzeczpospolita magazine. In selecting candidates, consideration is given to sales growth, profitability, the asset and capital growth rates and the company’s growth potential. Among 20 best companies, was the only one from the furniture industry.

Venti – Gold medal at the Poznań International Fair

The Poznań International Fair gold medal is the Poznań Fair’s most prestigious award, which boasts a great reputation, tradition and high esteem among national and international exhibitors. Received the Gold Medal for the Venti bedroom.

‘Product of the Year 2010’ by Meble Plus

Took 2nd place in the Meble Plus magazine’s ‘Product of the Year 2010’ competition for the Xenon collection. This title was awarded to products boasting excellent design, use and aesthetic values, high quality of craftsmanship, and innovativeness of the applied solutions.