Sitting Vision

荷兰制造 Sitting Vision 休闲椅

A family company, which has been managed by the Vermeulen family for many generations.
Sitting Vision 是一個家族企業,已經由Vermeulen家族管理了許多年代

At the beginning of 1900 the company started out as a clog factory. The wood for the clogs was selected in orchards, where the basis for professionalism and passion for a sound traditionally prepared product was founded.

In 1955 under the name “Meubelfabriek de Toekomst” the company was established, acompany which may now be referred to a one of the leaders in the Dutchfurniture industry.
在1955年,以“Meubelfabriekde Toekomst”為名的公司成立,這個公司可以算是荷蘭傢俱行業中的領頭羊。

The entire production process, from design up to the readiness for production of the chair or sofa, is completed under own management. Currently three (3) companies are involved in the manufacturing, including an own metal and foam factory. The head office is established in Beesd, Holland

Jointly with the designers, Peter van der Hamand Paul Noordzij,the technical team in the factory works on the development of advanced and technical state-of-the-art systems, which will be the basis for high-quality furniture.
設計師Peter van der Ham和Paul Noordzij在工廠的工程技術隊伍的協助下,一同開發國家最先進的科技系統,這些科技將是高品質傢俱產品製造的基礎。
The stringent requirements set by the Meubelfabriek De Toekomst in relation to allother materials, are the guarantee for an honest and solid product.
With the subsidiary “Sitting Vison”, established on the basis of modern designed furniture, the Meubelfabriek de “De Toekomst” is an important player in the furniture industry. Under the name Sitting Vision, furniture is exported to international customers, world-wide.
隨著子公司“SITTING VISON”在現代傢俱設計的基礎上成立,Meubelfabriek de 的“De Toekomst”是傢俱行業的重要參與者。SITTING VISION將來的願景為:傢俱出口到世界各地。

As aparticipant of national as well as international furniture fairs, they know how to reach a large number of retail businesses in theNetherlandsas well as abroad.